1211 Ozark St
Cabool, MO 65689



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Tell Us So We Can Tell Our Listeners!


We want KZ88 to complement our communities. As part of our mission we want to present news and information about events and projects in those communities. That's where you can help.

You can submit your events and news stories to us in several ways. As a non-profit organization many of our volunteers serve more than one function. Whenever possible fax, mail or email your information to us rather than calling.

Fax the news department at 206-202-1735. This special fax number automatically routes your fax to the news staff on duty.

Email the news department at this address:

If you are sending event information that is not time critical (at least a week in advance) you can mail us at:

1211 Ozark Street
Cabool, MO 65689

Call us at 417-200-0522 for breaking news or updated information or corrections.

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