Our radio theater productions are quite popular. In addition to our local audience our productions can be heard on WAZU, Peoria, IL; KPFA, Berkely, CA; WYAP, Clay, WV; WGXC, Hudson-Catskill, NY; KSKQ, Eagle Point OR; WHUS, Storrs CT; WRFA, Lakewood, NY; KLOI, Lopez Island, WA; WOJB, Haywood, WI; WZRD, Chicago, IL; KKFI, Kansas City, MO; WESU, Middleton, CT; and WHAV, Haverhill, MA. Many of our productions have also been added to the Pacifica Radio Archives.

READY TO LISTEN?? Click on a title to listen, right click to download.

Live Radio Theater July 2012 - Hear the live radio theater as it was broadcast July 21 from the Cabool Church of the Brethren.


The Wedding - Jamie and Terry finally had their wedding. Hear the broadcast of the virtual wedding as it was broadcast live on KZ88. The event took place at the Aardvark hall and yes, there was a ping pong tournament going on at the same time. Other than that...

The FM Zombie Project - Friends of a rural community radio station producer take part in an experiment. We told them not to run.

File28, The Airship - In 1942 scientists boarded an airship of a design never seen before in order to learn the new technology and help with the war effort. They were never seen again. This is their story.

Seat 32A - A passenger boards a flight for Denver and has to interact with a mysterious seatmate.

August 2011 Live Radio Theater - A capacity crowd packed the auditorium for our live radio theater production. There were three presentations: Grandfather, Superheroes, and The Job Interview.

Family Dinner - A student ventures into the woods to research a haunted campground. We found his recorder.

The 3rd Annual Bemidji Minnesota Ice-O-Rama - We wanted to be the official sponsor of something. Who knew it would be a rather odd ice skating competition in a mall in Minnesota. We’re still not sure why they said “yes.”

Where Are They Now and Should We Be Concerned? - Using faux historical data, information and interviews of alleged friends we track down the truth about Aunt Bea. Mayberry will never be the same again.

Lifestyles of the Not So Rich And Famous - Perhaps even more interesting than celebrities and rich people are those who are less rich and less celebrities.

The 43rd Annual Black Friday Parade - Hear our live coverage of the world’s largest Black Friday Parade as it virtually took place in front of our studios in Cabool. Next year we’ll get a permit and maybe even get traffic stopped for the parade. There was also the incident with our chef and the rum cake.  Hour 1   - Hour 2

Attention Stations: These programs are available for download on Audiport.org for higher audio quality. If you don’t have access to Audioport contact us for an alternative source. Rebroadcast permission granted for non-commercial use only.

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