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You know them. You’ve known them for years.

On Saturday, June 30 at 4 p.m. they will be wed in what will be the most talked about virtual wedding ever.

Terry and Jamie’s wedding can be heard in full stereo using the latest in wedding technology right here on KZ88.

You see, we found the month of June to be a wedding month. Instead of a regular boring ole fund raising drive we offer this wedding. When you buy items in the gift registry you are really supporting community radio, just in case you haven’t figured that part out. So be generous for the lucky virtual couple. They will send you a wedding photo and a postcard from their virtual honeymoon as well.

Jamie said it best: “If this doesn’t work, it’s back to the pledge drive doldrums.” To which Terry replied, “Thank you for your support of community radio.”

Here’s the gift registry. To “buy” one of the gifts just click on the appropriate “Buy Now” buttons. Jaime and Terry thank you as well as all of us at KZ88, Real Community Radio!

Item #1 - Phone Service for one month - $80. SOLD


Item # 2 - Internet Service for one month - $65.00


Item # 3 - Insurance for Wedding and Honeymoon - $350.00


Item # 4 - Lover’s Leap Adventure from KZ88 tower - $300.00
(Remember all of your “purchases” really go to support community radio)


Item #5 - You know, a bungee cord might be a good idea for a leap from our tower - Only $300.00


Item # 6 - How about a swimming pool full of whipped cream just in case the bungee cord is the wrong length or something like that. $300.00


Item # 7 - Aardvark Hall rental for wedding ceremony - $125.00 SOLD
(Remember these “gifts” are really donations to community radio. We just thought this would be more fun than a dull pledge drive..}


Item # 8 - Electric for one month - $450.00
That’s what it takes for a month of community radio!


Item # 9 Maintenance, Electronics, Repairs - $500.00 SOLD!
It’s kind of nice when everything works.


Item # 10 - Prepost Marital Counseling. $100.00 SOLD!
This will alleviate the mental anguish of dealing with a pledge drive. Don’t believe us? Volunteer!


Item # 11 - Mothers-In-Law Payoff - $25/day
This amount pays off the inlaws so that they can’t interfere with the newlywed couple OR EACH OTHER for the number of days purchased., It’s a bargain.


Item # 12 - Photographer, cost per picture $10.00


Item # 13 - Flowers $100.00
Okay, we’re not really using your donation for flowers, but if this wedding were real this would be a good gift.


Item # 14 - Veterinary Charges - just in case - $75.00


Item # 15 - Reception Food - Jamie and Terry thank you - $35


Item # 16 - jewelry for couple - Again, your purchase is really a donation to KZ88 - $225.00


Item # 17 - Valet Parking - $20 SOLD


Item # 18 - Mystery Punch - Enough for everyone - $40.00 SOLD


Item # 19 - Cleanup Crew - A really good idea! - $80.00


Item # 20 - Electronics - Stuff we need to broadcast - $350.00


item # 21 - Curtains - For a bit of privacy and to hide the mess - $35.00


PLEASE NOTE: The wedding and the couple are virtual. The need for support to keep our station going is real. We thought a wedding registry would be more fun than a pledge drive. If you don’t think so and you don’t donate, then we’ll have one of those horrid pledge drives next month. It’s all up to you. Thanks for your support of community radio. Every person who donates through the registry above or otherwise will receive a wedding photo and a postcard from the couple’s honeymoon.

Questions? Don’t understand what we’re doing. Call us! 888-598-8136.

Thank You!

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