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While KZ88 is a non-commercial station, we do look for station sponsors, or "underwriters." Underwriters sponsor the station. Reach out to KZ88's progressive, diverse, and dedicated audience.

In compliance with FCC regulations sponsorship acknowledgments MAY include:
-Business/organization name
-Address, phone number and/or website
-Description of products and services
-Established, non-promotional business slogan

Sponsorship acknowledgments differ from commercial advertisements and MAY NOT include:
-comparative or qualitative language (promotional adjectives such as: best, fast, only, dependable, fair, etc.)
-calls to action (verbs telling the listener to do something: stop by our showroom, call us, come on down, etc.)
-pricing information (such as: sale, special, discount, free, etc.)
-inducements or incentives(bonus available this week, âgift for first 50 shoppers, etc.)


Additional Exposure
We also feature our underwriters on our website, program guide, and member newsletters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is underwriting the same thing as advertising?
 -No. Like all public radio and television stations, community radio is governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which says advertising is not permitted. Thus we offer local businesses the option of underwriting, the opportunity to have your name associated with our community radio station. As a bonus, non-commercial radio listeners much prefer this cleaner sounding announcement.

Who listens to KZ88?
 A broad range of listeners hear a broad range of programming on our station. Some tune in for specific programs, others are long term listeners.

How much can I tell my customers, both current and potential, in my underwriting message?
 A lot. KZ88's listeners will hear your business name, location, contact information and a description of the services and/or goods you offer. We’re happy to work with you to write announcement copy that helps promote your business and still fits within FCC guidelines.

Can I choose the shows I underwrite?
 Yes. By request only and as long as those programs are those scheduled on our station. We are not in the business of selling airtime for particular programs. But we do realize that an underwriter may have a preference for a particular program and wants to show support for it. Our programming committee evaluates continuing and prospective shows based on their value to the community and our listeners, not whether the show is bringing in underwriting or sponsorship. We are excited about this unique direction and ask for your support in upholding this vision. A log of when your underwriting acknowledgments were played is available on request.

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