1211 Ozark St
Cabool, MO 65689



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Please Chip-In What You Can To Keep Us On The Air!

In order to stay on-the-air we had to agree to buy the broadcast tower we’ve been using.

Now we have to raise the money to pay for the purchase.

If we can’t pay we lose the tower and we go off the air.

Please chip-in what you can to keep community radio KZ88 alive!

Donations can be mailed to KZ88, 1211 Ozark Street, Cabool, MO 65689.

If paying by credit card or debit card please click on the “donate now” button at the top of this page. Your donation will be safely and securely processed.

Questions or need help? Call us during business hours at 888-598-8136.

Thank you for your support: Judy, Brian, Doris, Karen, Kurt, Traver Home Winery, Harold, Nancy, Barbara, Nathaniel, Jerry, Amelia, Julia, Jeff and the many others who supported us during our Birthday Party Sale!

The volunteers at KZ88 Community Radio

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